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Message from the CEO


Thank God that Petrochemical Industries Investment Company (PIIC) has now been demonstrated as one of the top investment companies in the petrochemical sector, in line with the company’s growth and profitability objectives. This success could have never been achieved without the help of the PIIC's founders; it's experienced and capable managers; the efforts and cooperation of its young staff; and the supports from the Social Security Investment Company (also known as SHASTA) and Tamin Petroleum & Petrochemical Investment Company (TAPPICO).

The company aims at protecting the shareholders capital and guaranteeing the highest possible return for them. In doing so, the company plans to increase the number of profitable projects instead of the increase in the number of its subsidiaries in order to enhance the productivity of its subsidiaries and the synergism among them, and to reduce non-necessary costs. 


Therefore, the key policies are as follows: 


  1. Increasing the  production capacity  of downstream  petrochemical industries,
  2. Planning to set up and complete the downstream petrochemical production chain,
  3. Inviting domestic banks and powerful investment companies to participate in PIIC group’s projects,
  4. Inviting local and foreign investors to participate in new projects,
  5. Location selection of new projects (near feedstocks, markets, free trade zone, and etc) with the aim of reducing the production costs. For example, focusing on creating new projects in  Khuzestan  Province (Abadan and  Khorramshar, and  …); Boushehr  (  The South/ North Pars gas and oil fields) ; Fars ( Parsian region),
  6. Recognition and employment of  human capitals in each region and  involving them in direct and indirect benefits of  future projects in  line with  increasing  the productivity  with the objective of  maximizing the  benefits of shareholders of PIIC,
  7. Research and Development (R&D) with the aim of production diversity and efficiency,
  8.  Praising the shareholders and employees, and considering meritocracy in assigning the responsibility to employees. 



Fereidoun Fadaei Dolat

Chief Executive Officer